Case Study: Website of a boutique Canadian Tax Law firm

Website Design Case Study: A Boutique Canadian Tax Law Firm

Companies spend millions creating brochures and distributing them. By having a user-friendly website you can skip that entirely. Your potential customers can find out about you and any of your products online. If you get most of your business through networking and personal connections, then there point of reference will be your website and they will want to check it.

Whether you sell products online or services, a good website is of utmost important. We at Indware Technologies have created, designed and developed websites for clients of various industries and we specialize in tax & law related websites.

Case Study: Website of a boutique Canadian Tax Law firm

Case study

Rotfeisch & Samulovitch PC is a Toronto-based boutique Canadian Tax Law firm specializing in income tax and business law. In 2015, their website,, a WordPress based website faced various issues.


These were the major issues with the tax lawyer’s website when we started working with them:-

1)            Virus Affected website.

2)            Unresponsive website design.

3)            Non-SEO friendly website.

4)            Minimal online presence.


We provided the following solutions to their problems:

  • The first to-do task on our list was to make the website virus free. Their website was severely affected with virus and was penalized by google for showing irrelevant content. Well, if you happen to know a little about websites and how it operates, you will understand this could be the company’s nightmare. Our team of technical experts worked towards making the website free from virus and succeeded.


  • Next, we started working towards making the website multi-device friendly. Whether a user operates it from mobile, desktop, laptop or tablet, the website would provide a good user experience. We redesigned a responsive website for


  • You can’t undermine the importance of SEO friendly website. We did both on-page and off page optimization for on a regular interval. When we started in 2015, the website had no presence on the internet. We did a series of activities for including PPC , social media promotion, search engine optimization. We focused on improving conversion rates and getting quality leads.


As a result, in the year 2016-2017, the website was ranked as 8th most popular website in Toronto by an independent organisation. Our team of digital marketers developed strategies and did SEM, SEO for We shared content on regular intervals and promoted it on social media pages. The website gained huge popularity in Toronto, Canada.


Faris CPA, A Boutique Toronto Firm

Faris CPA, A Boutique Toronto Firm- Experts in Tax and Financial Accounting was another client from the same industry.  They provide individuals and firms with tax, financial, and accounting services and advice. In 2016, they face various website related issues. We carried similar set of actions for Faris CPA and their website started generating 3x leads.

At Indware Technologies, we specialize in website design and development of tax lawyers and firms. Our clients received great response and the generated 3x times leads after the redesigning of the website.

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