Understanding The Importance of User Experience

Recent advances in mobile, social and computing technologies have moved human-computer interaction into almost all areas of human activity. This has significantly widened the scope of user experience (UX) where user’s values, feelings, preferences are given more attention. Just relying on product excellence is not enough anymore. There is a relentless urge now to shift to newer mediums which focuses more on providing an interactive journey for the consumers. At Indware Technologies we strive to give world class digital solutions and the best user experience for our consumers.

Usability is one of the main determining factors of UX design which ultimately shapes the experience that the user undergoes while using an application or website. Usability refers to how effectively a website can be used by the consumers to achieve their objectives satisfactorily. Usability is usually a product of several factors like speed, page response, font size, content etc. Consumers nowadays search for the product online in various websites before making the purchase. The search for the product through the different website thus becomes the very first point of interaction between the customer and the brand. Thus ultimately the success of the product is dependent on the satisfaction a customer receives across the critical touch points. Hence the importance of improving user experience at a customer touch point is very essential.

User experience is a necessity today. Online customers do not consider returning to websites that are not user friendly thus the UX across touch points need to act fast. It is true that a well designed user interface does improve a website’s conversion rate but a valuable user experience can improve a website conversion rate to a much greater extent. We at Indware Technologies understand the necessity of user experience today and strive to provide the same to our customers.

While searching for a product online when the users do not find relevant information that they seek from a particular website they generally give up searching as they feel that the brand does not care for them at all. But a robust user experience can turn this around. If an application offers such user experience which can create a difference in the lives of the consumers it ultimately increases brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. Indware Technologies guarantees personalized attention and open communication so that we can give our consumers a satisfactory user experience. Great user experiences not only enhance customer engagement and loyalty but also open up other revenue channels and global organizations are already cashing in to those opportunities.

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